An exercise in appreciation.

I’ve created this blog because I think the world is currently a difficult place to be. The political climate of this country feels overwhelming and oppressive to me. I have realized that more often than not, I get off of social media and not only do I feel less connected, I usually also feel pissed and overwhelmed. No bueno.  In the name of being proactive, I’ve decided to change what I can control. That is my outlook. Enter–this blog.

I had an amazing experience this past summer that was so random and incredible (see my first post) that it dawned on me the antidote to the harshness of these days we are living through is gratitude. Thankfulness for the things we do have and the beauty and magic that are around us all the time when we choose to see it. Over the course of the last year, I have been reminded so often and in countless ways that life is SO much of what we choose to see. How we choose to spend our time…do you choose to believe good things are coming or do you choose to think your lot in life is a bad one?  Who we choose to spend our time with…are they folks that build you up or tear you down or help you dream big?

I decided to create a blog that will help me focus on what I am grateful for…I’m sure some posts will be simple and short and others more involved…but it is my hope that incorporating this practice into my daily life will help me and hopefully you too, to see more of the good stuff. I figured if I made it a blog, it would help hold me accountable to keep up with it regularly…so here goes! Thanks for reading. Happy New Year. May your 2018 be filled with choices of abundance and love and prosperity.