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I am a baker and last night I dreamed I had the most amazing baking machine. It was really beautiful and vast and made of a grayish green colored metal. It was very Dr Seuss like in that it had all these parts that did different amazing and productive things. It was an oven and also a grain mill and I just walked into my very giant kitchen (…which is not like mine in waking times) and there it was. I was overcome with complete awe and wonder. Everywhere I looked as I walked around this thing was incredible and served some additional function. And it looked really cool. Haha. That was it. I don’t remember another thing about it other than it and I were there.

However, that glimpse at the feeling of wonder stayed with me through the day.  As I was driving, I passed an ice castle (pictured above). When I first visited these mountains many years ago I was driving with a dear friend from here on the parkway and saw one of these ice configurations. Having grown up at the beach, I had never seen ANYthing like it..I thought it was so magical and it completely blew my mind. I was hooked on this place. All these years later, now I believe it is magical for much deeper reasons. 

wonder: noun -a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable. verb -desire or curiosity to know something

I am a fan of both, though I think the noun is more fun. I also think the noun version of this word becomes more scarce as we age simply because we have learned more…so we think we know more. One of my favorite reminders on my fridge says: Don’t believe everything you think. It is so true! Our minds are villainous by nature and will mire you down with unnecessary garbage, when not given something useful to do. Anyway, I digress. Note to self: Don’t forget to let yourself get surprised. Wonder is a great thing and I want more of it in my life ❤ 

Disclaimer: I read some things about “being a blogger”since I have one and instantly found it annoying and pretentious…So this blog will just be what it becomes. I’m not trying necessarily to expand my audience or become a millionaire from my living room(unless it is in the cards;) ). I just like to write and take pictures. I will probably use too many commas and smiley faces and try to spell well. If you don’t know me and you’ve found it and are still reading, that is super cool and makes me happy 🙂 Having said that, I will now change the subject. Ha! It is really cold here currently…Ridiculously, annoyingly, bone chilling cold. I saw this fun thing somewhere online and decided to try it out. Pretty cool. You freeze water balloons with food coloring. It is as simple and messy as it sounds. I added some glitter because why wouldn’t you. 

8 thoughts on “Wonder.

  1. So cool. I want to make some of these balls of wonder. This would be a great week to do it. They won’t melt for days………I love the quote you shared about not believing everything you think. Those Aggravating Negative Thoughts (ANTS) seem to thrive on these cold wintry days.

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