You just never know what may happen.

This was actually one day last July. But also, as I mentioned before, the impetus for this blog.. I was on a walk down by the river, where I’ve gone literally hundreds of times. It was early in the morning. (…the best time to go if you want to see wildlife undisturbed by the humans.) I noticed on the other side of the river a gaggle of geese just hanging out on the rocks and in the water. There was also a deer wading along doing it’s thing, so I sat down just to take it all in for few minutes. It was kind of misty…quite picturesque.  As I got up to head on down the road, I noticed 2 geese from the other side of the river swimming across in what appeared to be my direction. I decided that was silly (but did take a picture…see picture 1 below-look closely…they’re in the distance) because why would 2 geese decide to come see me…and so I kept walking.  I slowed down and looked behind and they were closer…(pic 2)…So I slowed down to keep the same pace they were going in the river.  At this point I was totally enthralled. Walking with them chatting with them, ya know 😉  We came to a place there was a clearing in the brush and they hopped out of the river and came right to me! I explained that I didn’t have any food with me…because you know how geese understand English…They did not care. I was still in slight disbelief I was being followed by choice by these 2 birds…So I walked in a circle…they did too…I ran…they ran…I actually have video, but the technology gods are frowning upon me sharing it to this blog. At any rate, at this point, I am in hysterics and think it is so cool and magical and just keep on walking with my new pals.  Folks drive by and ask if they are my pets. Haha! I walked down to a little park along the river…thinking they would just hang there and forage..But no. They followed me back! If I got too far ahead they honked at me to slow down. We passed the gaggle of geese they originally came over from, I thought they’d go home…but no. They were getting tired, I could see. We had walked at least a mile by now…which in geese feet is pretty far 😉  They chattered for a minute and took off upstream. Cool! I thought. What an amazing experience! As I walked, I saw them coming…floating in the water back to me. They flew ahead and then floated back to me 3 times!! Finally (which, I was actually relieved…because I was getting close to my car and wasn’t sure they wouldn’t just follow me home at this point), they honked and flew back downstream, I assume to their family.  I just found this experience to be such an important reminder in so many ways.  We live in a society that coaches us to believe every day is to be like the next. This culture deems repetition as security. That is simply not the truth. That day, I had listened to the depressing news, had my morning tea and went for a many days..But look what happened? Everyday is what you make it. It is what you choose to see. What you choose to believe and the moments of which you choose to allow yourself to be a part. Here’s to a happy new year filled with new and good choices for us all!

PS–Months later, at the local farmers market a newly met friend says, I saw your profile picture with the geese…Did you find them down near River Road? Yes, I said. She smiled wide and excitedly told me a story of being on the river last summer in a really bad storm. These 2 wee baby geese swam up to their raft in a the midst of a downpour and she scooped them up.  They took them back to their farm and raised them until they could fly…then they released them, down by the river. Full circle ❤



#gratitude #thankfulness #geeserule #lovewhereyoulive #everyday #appreciate


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