This is harder than I thought!


The current state of things. Almost frozen river. Everyone I ran into today is stir crazy and frozen too. Well, here I am at day four and it has dawned on me that this is really going to be a challenge to pull off for a year! Haha. It is interesting…it is certainly doing what I hoped and shifting my focus more on the things I am grateful for…But coming up with something that is also interesting for others to read that you are thankful for is not so easy. It’s cool. I’m still in it to win it 🙂  Just an unexpected side note. I’m going to start carrying a little notebook so I can jot down ideas. I think this is going to be a much more expansive project than I anticipated, which actually- is awesome. I love unintended positive side effects.  That being said, today it is simply the beauty of where I live. Isn’t it just stunning?? 

One thought on “This is harder than I thought!

  1. Love this Wendy- it will help me get thru this icey cold – I am not fond of winter because I need the sun so much!!! Whatever you find to offer will be delightful I know!! L

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