Varying degrees of frozen while wrangling thoughts from the rogue winter brain.

Well. I’ve changed the name to the blog. Haha. I’ve decided that having a task that feels obligatory (writing everyday whether or not I have something interesting to share)…will likely just make me lose interest and creativity.  I still have the same mission is the same…to focus on gratitude..just with less rigidity. I’m into it. I can feel shifts in my observations after just a week 🙂

Yesterday, I had a great day that consisted of movie watching and re-reading Like Water For Chocolate. Such an amazing book. It always rekindles fantasy, magic and respect for the powerful intention that goes into food, in me.

In an effort to stave off the winter yucks/cabin fever. I met a friend for brunch and then we went for a hike. Today is the beginning of the thaw…Highs in the 30s! It was balmy! Perfect way to combat the winter bad brains. They’re best growing conditions are when one is sedentary and in worry mode. They lose their power with fresh air and the sun.

Interestingly, towards the end of the hike, there was a strong sulfury smell. We were walking parallel to a creek and it occurred to me that maybe it was a sulfur spring. A little bushwacking revealed that the little creek was actually moving…the only water we passed that wasn’t (and visibly had not been) frozen. How cool! The last pic shows a spot that it was coming out of the ground. Wasn’t warm water…but I wonder if the sulfur prohibits the freezing..I’ll have to google around about it. Thankful for friends and the many forms water takes. It’s pretty incredible if you really think about it ❤

IMG_20180107_130812244_HDRIMG_20180107_130818781_HDR (1)IMG_20180107_165137IMG_20180107_134648232_HDRIMG_20180107_143559345_HDR


3 thoughts on “Varying degrees of frozen while wrangling thoughts from the rogue winter brain.

  1. Love your pictures and thoughts, I look forward to, in some way at least, going on your adventures with you….thanks so much, have a great day

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