A little over a year ago I began working for an amazing non-profit. As this year has passed I have gotten to know everyone involved more and actually seen and participated Azule’s magic.  My job, primarily is to schedule the residents…though we all do many varied things 🙂 I am floored to think back to the fact that I almost did not apply for the job! I waited until the last day they were accepting resumes…I had convinced myself that it was silly to apply because though my interest and passion for the place were a fit, my computer skills were not. The morning of that last day, I woke up and decided to go for it. I thought, be honest and clear about your level of computer skills and just do it… You never know what may happen. Wow! Was I right. 

Azule is really hard to describe with words. I have told so many people about it…but it really is just a place that one must experience. In function, it is a place that offers an artist in residency program as well as a place for community gatherings and workshops. But to be there is quite literally to walk around in a person and community’s ongoing dream. Camille is the mastermind behind Azule. For the past 40+ years she has been making her dream a reality. By using tons of recycled materials, local craftspeople/artists/builders, her own innate architectural understanding (she designed the place too), her endless creativity and money that seems to generate itself—she has created this place, for everyone. The structure is unlike any place you have ever been. There are endless windows of all shapes and sizes…stained glass…mosaics..and nooks and crannies…a round music room based on the fibonacci sequence. The attention to detail is truly mindblowing.

There is a sort of energetic alchemy that goes on there that I have never experienced so directly anywhere else. It is as if Camille has been so pure with her intentions in creating the place that it has generated this momentum to transform people, situations and dreams. I know that sounds lofty, and I mean for it to. 😉  Residents often say their time at Azule has been life changing. So has mine. It is such an honor to be a part of this place. I have the joy of working with an incredibly insightful, compassionate, talented and bad ass group of women. I have learned so much in this year. It is neat to dream what else is to come. We spent much of today planning grant writing strategies and discussing how Azule can continue to grow. Undoubtedly, it will….so grateful to be a part of this place ❤


Pardon the quality of the pics…some aren’t so great..but you’ll get the idea. 



Azule from the front yard.


Side yard view…


Camille’s amazing stained glass in the round movement room.


The movement room. You can’t tell from this picture, but there is a screened in catwalk that wraps around the outside of this room 🙂


The upper part of the stairway in the movement room..It wraps around a tree…and has a hand rail which wraps around the tree that is a giant grapevine taken from the property.


The stairway coming down into the dining area and continuing to the basement.


The basement…flooded with light most of the day. Many residents work down here.


Rebecca on left and Camille on the right. Rebecca is one of Azule’s board members. These are two of the most inspiring women I know. This pic makes me realize we need a shot of the entire amazing board ❤

3 thoughts on “Azule.

  1. Oh Wendy this is so well said. And thank you for the compliment. I feel so grateful to be working with this group of people too. It is energetic alchemy indeed!

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